Greetings. Thanks for visiting my site and clicking this link to learn about me. Well, my name is Chris and my Internet persona is "Draconis Thanatos". I'm 33 years old. I was born and raised in Tampa, Fl. and I am a guitar teacher and music writer. I have played guitar for 25 years and have taught at 2 music schools. I teach privately now. In the past, I have also worked for AT&T Wireless, Service Merchandise and Toys R Us. I attended Hillsborough Community College and the Univerity of South Florida, where I studied Music/guitar and Linguistics.

My fav' food is steak, pasta, salad and potatos. I prefer Coka cola. I love Smarties and gummy worms!

I have a wonderful and beautiful fiance, Des. We have been together for 8 years. She has been my guide to this world of Internet. She is also a metal-head like me.

I love to collect movies and tv shows. I am a big fan of Golden Age of Radio and television. Jack Benny, Abott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy etc.. I also am a big Japanese Sci-fi fan. I have collected Godzilla merchandise since I was 5. I adore dragons and dinosaurs and collect them as well. You can also find a lot of Jackie Chan dvds and other Kung Fu movies on my shelves. I prefer the original languages with English subtitles on all my foreign films.

I got into Heavy Metal, when I was 11. A friend next door was older than me and he listened to metal. I liked Quiet Riot and asked him if I could borrow some records. He let me and I became hooked. I became a fan of Quiet Riot, Van Halen and some Motley Crue. When I was in about 8th or 9th grade, I wanted something heavier but I did not know where to look. I would go to record stores and look at the metal section and look at all these cool album covers and wonder what they sounded like. At school, I had a friend named Monty. I asked him what his favorite band was and he said, Metallica. He recommended "Ride the Lightning" so the next day I went to the store and bought the cassett. I was excited. Was this the sound I was looking for? I put the tape in the player and the song "Fight Fire With Fire" started. I heard an acoustic intro and I thought it was a joke. I thought Monty had tricked me. Then, the metal began and I was blown away!! This was the sound I was looking for! I became a big Metallica fan and got all their albums. Later, I discovered Anthrax and Overkill. I had become a Thrash metal fan. Later, I had a change in taste. I had learned to play the guitar well and I began to realize that Thrash was quite redundant and focused on the low E string too often. I wanted something different. A drummer friend(Shawn) in the Florida Keys recommended Queensryche: Operation Mindcrime and I was so impressed with the sound and conceptual story! Thus began my flare for the epic and progressive. I still like Thrash, but not as much. Later, I found Helloween. That was it!! I found the sound to end all sound for me! Power Metal!!! To this day, I am a big Power Metal fan with no sign of slow-down.