The 1st album of this "still running" Christian metal band. Originaly only available on cassett and now pressed on cd through M8 records with bonus tracks under their original name, Matrix. Also, this is autographed by the singer and guitarist. Melodic scream vocals and classic metal guitars cut the ear. For a Christian metal band, they had a somewhat dark sound.





The 2nd album has a more solid release and has a stronger production. Also, this album spawned singles that got radio(Christian radio) play! Songs like "Hell No" and "Heroes" are legendary in certain circles.





"SILENCE IS MADNESS" (Digi-pack Remaster)

This was my 1st Bride cd and it is still my fav' cd by them. By far, their darkest album and also the heaviest. Very catchy songs and memorable moments. Has more of that melodic screaming. This cd got very low distrobution and was selling for around 30-40 dollars in auctions. However, it was recently re-released with bonus tracks. I bought the original when it was new and I always hung on to it. I did just get the digi-pack remaster & it sounds better than ever!





A step in the more blues direction. To me, this was the last good album by Bride. Bride is still turning out albums and the singer, Dale, has released a few solo albums. Just a historical note, Dale accually sang for Stryper for a short period!