Wow, these guys can compete with Judas Priest and almost win! There is some uniquness to their sound that sets them apart. The vocalist can belt out some serious notes without sounding annoying. Heavy guitars and thunder drums pound the listiner into submission. If you like Painkiller-era Judas Priest, this is a must have. Although, the songs are not as fast as those on Painkiller.





Sophmore effort concentrates more on well crafted vocal lines than heavy guitars and pounding drums. The singing really draws you in and keeps you hooked. Musically, not as heavy as 'Unveiled', but good none the less.





WOW!! 3rd album is the charm! This is one amazing release. Every song is pure metal magic! Still borrowing heavily from Judas Priest, Cage has incorporated all the succesful elements to make very memorable songs. Highly recommended!!!!!