"SELF TITLED" (Remaster)

Impressive debute from this Christian Thrash band. Distinct vocals belt out some, in your face, lyrics. I love this cd because it just thrashes through some good hooks!






Considerd by the fans as their crowning achievement. Gives Metallica a run for their money. This was my 1st Deliverance cd and I loved this band from the start. The intro song "Supplication" just draws the listener in and beats them over the head with the next song.




"WHAT A JOKE" (Remaster)

A garage album of sorts. Some songs are just silly while others are very serious. Pure Thrash no matter how you look at it.






A step in a more alternative direction. Jimmy P. Brown started using more melodic/operatic vocals with more progressive riffing. It took me a few listens to get into this cd. In fact, I did not like it right away but it grew on me.





Sort of live, but not really. This was more like re-recording their songs in the studio and keeping the mistakes and all. Many Christian bands on the Intense Records label released one ot these. Great cover of the Stryper song "Surrender".





Half this album is a dramatic style change and the other is akin to 'Stay of Execution. Very emotional album and a personal one for vocalist Jimmy P. Brown.






A fine collection of the better moments including a rare unreleased b-side called 'Rescue Me'. I was happy he put this cd out because it did take some of their finer moments and remaster them. The sound is great!






A step even furthur in the alterno' direction while still retaining the metal edge. The ballads on this cd are very emotional and personal.






The last Deliverance cd and then they broke up. Very sad for the fans and to top it off, this last cd was not really all that fantastic, but did have a few solid songs worth mentioning.





"BACK IN THE DAY" (Remaster)

A re-release of a cassett where Jimmy narates through some of Deliverance's early days and trials. It is so cool to hear him give accounts of the band's beginnings.






A re-release of their demo, unreleased material and rare b-sides






An interesting come back album with some Industrial and techno elements. Jimmy used some vocal effects to give it a more electronic sound, in some songs.






The last thing Deliverance put out and then they broke up again. I think that it is for good this time. Although, the material is good on this disc.