Debute album from,at the time, an up and coming epic power metal force. Not bad. There is some serious potential here. Although, a little weak in production. This cd is still good for collectors, but this cd is not a good place to start. However, the albums to follow would change everything.



01 - Paradise
02 - Wings Of A Dream
03 - Heart Of Twilight
04 - Dark Symphony
05 - Deadmaker
06 - Angel Rebellion
07 - When A Hero Cries
08 - Steel Church
09 - The Kingdom




This is an amazing album. What a vast improvement over the first!! Most of the songs are epic and moving. The intro is spectacular and Hansi of Blind Guardian does guest vocals! This cd is a must have for any serious power metal collector.



01 - Overture
02 - Until We Rise Again
03 - How Many Miles
04 - Scarlet Rose
05 - Out Of Control
06 - Vain Glory Opera
07 - Fairytale
08 - Walk On Fighting
09 - Tomorrow
10 - No More Foolin'
11 - Hymn




This follow-up to "Vain Glory Opera" is a tad more epic. The title track is a 14min masterpiece! More ochestrations are starting to surface in their sound. Has some great power metal tunes with class and style.



01 - The Healing Vision
02 - Babylon
03 - The Headless Game
04 - Land Of The Miracle
05 - Wake Up The King
06 - Falling Down
07 - Arrows Fly
08 - Holy Shadows
09 - Another Time
10 - The Unbeliever
11 - Theater Of Salvation



This is the limited edition which contains 2 cds. The 1st disc is a re-recording of their original demo material. Great raw power metal, on this cd! The 2nd cd is the original demo itself. It is cool to hear how they used to sound before their 1st album. I do recommend that if you get this version, listen to disc 2 first, then listen to the re-recordings. It's just better that way.





A very polished release with that class and style that only Edguy has. However, this cd is not as epic as "Vain Glory Opera" or "Theater Of Salvation. The sound is thick, clean and melodic but overall, the songs are slower. Still, this is high-quallity metal.





Fantastic live album spanning their career up to this point. Great production but my only complaint would be the choices of songs. I felt some songs should have been there that were not.




"KING OF FOOLS" (Single)

Single from the album Hellfire Club. Has some exclusive bonu tracks but I must say I was a little dissapointed. 2 of the b-sides were very profane and it was so out of place. This band is so classy but to talk trash like that was a spit in the face. :(





Despite the curse-ladened single, this album is their strongest ever!! Hard drivin songs just kick your teeth out. Production is awesome and the song "Mysteria" will be ringing in your head many days after you hear it. Some songs have more of a hard-rock feel but not Glam' by any means.





A couple exclusive b-sides but nothing special. Well, at least they did not cuss a lot on this one.





"HALL OF FLAME"(2 cd digi-pack)

Great collection of their greatest songs! Also, disc 2 has rare b-sides and 2 videos!! This set is almost perfect if it was not for all the cussing on the live video for "The Headless Game". Why must these guys cuss like it is funny? Do they think it makes them bad-boy rockers or something?? Good grief. Otherwise, awesome stuff!!