Fantastic 1st album from this awesome power metal band! The vocals are so operatic and the songs have a real epic feel to them. The song "Upon a Grave of Guilt" is a must hear! The overall production is so fresh and pristine. This is the type of album that you present to people that say metal is just 3 chords and screaming. Boy, are they wrong. This cd is important for any melodic metal fan's collection.


01 - Up On The Grave Of Guilt
02 - Hersey In Disguise
03 - Wings Of Serenity
04 - A Quest For The Crown
05 - Mindtraveller
06 - Entering Eternity
07 - Royal Galley
08 - Substitutional World
09 - Lord Of The Blacksmiths
10 - The Past Still Live On




The 2nd album is not really an improvement, but it is also not any less than the 1st. In fact, it is just as good as the 1st and the songs are a tad more epic. A really good thing about this cd is that you can buy it locally in the states at music stores!



01 - Decadence Of Dignity
02 - Enter The Glade
03 - Lament Of A Minstrel
04 - For Life And Liberty
05 - We Sold Our Homesteads
06 - The Clarion Call
07 - Portals Of Light
08 - Stand In Veneration
09 - Busted To The Floor
10 - En Kungens Man