JULY 20, 2011

Holy crap! I have not updated in over a year. I did manage to get a good amount of stuff. Here it goes;

Added new bands to the Collective; Jorn, Powerwolf, Powerglove, Allen & Lande, Kiske / Somerville & Van Halen!

I got new cds for; Equilibrium, Blind Guardian x2, Metallica, Dio x2, Rhapsody of Fire x3, Alestorm x2, Evergrey x2, Helloween, Kamelot, Stryper, Gamma Ray, Devin Townsend Project, Symphony X, Warmen & Seventh Angel!

I also replaced Bride - Silence is madness, Deliverance - What A Joke & Blind Guardian - Battalions of fear with remasters!!

JUNE 13, 2010

Got the 2 new Avantasia cds and the Helloween 25th anniversary album called "Unarmed". Added Beyond Twilight to the band list page and got the new Masterplan LP and single! Also scored the new Kalmah cd called "12 Gauge".

MARCH 24, 2010

Ok, I admit I have not updated in a while. Money has been tight but I managed to get a few discs the other day! I added Amon Amarth to the collective with their newest album, "Twilight of the Thunder God". I got the new Primal Fear, Rage, Gamma ray, Finntroll, Dark Tranqullity and Falconer's album, "Grime vs. Grandeur".


SEPTEMBER 23, 2009

Well, you can tell that I revamped the site. I made it more simple to surf and cooler backgrounds. It was just time for an overhaul. I did get a few cds as of late but I will get into that later.

APRIL 9, 2009

ALRIGHT!! I got my tax return and stocked up! I got remasters for 3 Deliverance albums but they do not count towards the cd total. I got 2 cds from Revolution Renaissance, 'Age of Aquarias' and 'New Era' and the band has been added to the collective. I also got the new Believer cd called 'Gabriel'! Warman's debut cd 'Unknown Soldier' was scored and so was the new Royal Hunt cd called 'Paradox II: Collision Course'.

MARCH 9, 2009

Wow, been a long time. I got some new Xbox 360 games! I got the new Iced Earth cd called "The Crucible of man". I also added Equillibrium to the collective with their cd called "Sagas". The new Kalmah has also been added as well as Alestorm's cd called "Captain Morgan's Revenge. last but not least, I got the new Edguy called "Tinnitus Sanctus".

I will be expanding my video game section to include images and longer reviews. The revised section will be called Draconian Games!

JUNE 15, 2008

I got the new Rage cd called "Carved in Stone". Also, I added the new Children of Bodom cd called "Bloodrunk".

I updated the Video Game section as well! I bought a Xbox 360 and got 10 games for it already!

APRIL 07, 2008

Not much lately because money is tight. I did manage to get the remasters for Blind Guardian's cds "Somewhere far Beyond" and "Tales From the Twilight World". These do not count towards the cd count.

FEB 15, 2008

Got 3 new cds!!! Just got the new Avantasia LP called "The Scarecrow". Also got Tarja's solo album "My Winter Storm" and the new Primal Fear called "New Religion".

DEC 31, 2007

I got the 2 new Avantasia singles "Lost in Space" vol. 1, 2

DEC. 3, 2007

Got 2 new cds! Just got the new Gamma ray called "Land of the free II" and the new Arch Enemy called "Rise of the Tyrant".

OCT. 23, 2007

I just added the new Rob Rock and Elvenking to the collective! Also, I just got the new Helloween!!!

OCT. 12. 2007

I just go the new Nightwish called "Dark Passion Play" and I added the the band Coronatus with their new album called "Lux Noctis"

OCT. 07, 2007

I added Helloween's re-release of all their singles from 1985-1992 in a box set!! I also got new cds from The End Records; Therion - Gothic Kabbalah(2cd Digi), The new Dragonland called "Astronomy" and Persuader's new album "When Eden Burns"! Also, I got the new Solitude Aeternus called "Alone". The new Masterplan, Messiah's Kiss, Angtoria , Fairyland, Sirenia, Running Wild, Arwen, Dark Tranquillity, Finntroll, Dimmu Borgir, Dark Empire , Cruachan, Deliverance, Cage, Silent Force, Sonata Arctica , Iron Savior, Graveworm, Iced Earth X 2,King Diamond , 3 Inches of Blood , Symphony X, Manticora, Candlemass, Blind Guardian, Elvenking and Echoes of Eternity have been added to the collective!! Oops, I almost forgot the new Kamelot too!

Jan' 15, '07

Ok, I made some major changes to my site! My wife and I got our own space and we made a domain just for my CD collection. NO ADDS!!!! This is great. We got sick of free sites placing there invasive links on our pages. I am still working on this so please write me if there are any broken or wrong links. Thanks!!


I added a few cds during this move! I got the new Rhapsody of Fire SE album and added Still Remains to the collective with their debute cd. Cradle of Filth's new cd too! I just got the new Primal Fear compilation called "Metal is Forever". And just arriving from The End Records, I got the new Nightwish best of and Dream Evil's new release called "United" Also 5 new video games for the PS2; Scarface, God of War, Bully, Final Fantasy 12 and The Godfather! Just in: Rising Faith - The Arrival and the 2 newest Vine Domine albums "The Album of Labour" and "23:59". Finally, I got the remasters for Tourniquets 1st 2 albums!

SEPT' 21, 2006

4 new additions! The new Blind Guardian called "A Twist in the Myth" and the new Vanden Plas called "Christ O". Also added was Graveworm - As the Angels Reach the beauty(Reissue) and Manticora - The Black Circus Pt.1.

I also found a rare copy of the PS2 game Harry Potter - Quiddich Cup

SEPTEMBER 09, 2006

I love this roll I am on. I just replaced my Savatage - "Hall of the Mountain King", "Streets" and "Gutter Ballet" with the remasters. I got another BW&BK sample disc. I just added 3 new bands; Thalion w/ their debute cd called Another Sun and the band Dreamquest with their debute called Lost Horizons as well as Dark Moor's 2003 self titled release. I got the new self-titled album from Stratovarius and I got the remasters for Dio's Holy Diver and Royal Hunt's Paradox! I managed to come across the reissue of Dark Tranquillity's "The Mind's I". Last but not least, The new Strapping Young Lad called "The New Black"!

4 new video games; Lord of the Rings-The 3rd Age, Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Pixar's Cars and Gun for PS2

JULY 16, 2006

I got the new Rob Rock off ebay called "Holy Hell" as well a the new Luca Turilli called "The Infinite Wonders of Creation". I got the expanded edition of Helloween's "Better Than Raw". I also got the new Dragonforce cd called "Inhuman Rampage". Finally, I got the Iron Savior album "Battering Ram".

JULY 3, 2006

I am on a roll! I just nabbed the new Rage cd called "Speak of the Dead"! Also, I got the debute album from Savage Circus. I also added the new sample disc from the new issue of BW&BK. I came across the band Hibria at Sound Exchange and got their debute cd. I bought my wife a new Nile cd called "In Their Darkened Shrines". I lucked out and found 2 Running Wild cds; "Death or Glory" and "Gates to Purgatory" I got the expanded edition of Helloween's "Time of the Oath" but it does not count towards the total. Last, I got the new Stryper album called "Reborn".

Got a new video game for the PS2; Silent Hill 4

I got 3 more cds on the way.....

JUNE 12, 2006

Long time no update! Long time no money. lol! However, things are getting better now.

I just added 2 new BW&BK sample discs to the Compilations page. I added the new Edguy album called "Rocket Ride" as well as the new Blind Guardian single called "Fly"! Also, I got Dream Evil's 3rd album called "The Book of Heavy Metal", and the new solo album From Michael Kiske. I got the Expanded edition of Helloween's Chameleon cd but it does not count toward the collective total. I also got the new Bal-Sagoth and the new Evergrey! I got a classic album from Running Wild called "Black Hand Inn". Finally, I got the New live CD/DVD from Sonata Arctica called "For the Sake of Revenge".

I added 4 new video games as well. Need for Speed:Most Wanted, Grand Theft Auto:Liberty City Stories, Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: The New World. All for the PS2.

MARCH 19, 2006

Got rid of 6 cds cause I just did not care much for them. However, I did add some new cds. Tourniquet - Crawl to China, and I just got the Expanded Editions of Helloween's 1st 4 albums!!!!!! However, these do not count towards the collective total. I also added the new Kalmah cd called "The Black Waltz". Last but not least, I added one more BW&BK sampler to the compilations page.

FEB 20, 2006

FINALLY! New cds! I ordered them from The End records. They are; Dragonlord - Black Wings of Destiny, Place Vendome - debute and Dragonland - Starfall. Man, that is a lot of dragons. lol

I also added the PS2 video game Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

FEB 01, 2006

I have not gotten any cds in a while but I did get 2 new video games! Resident Evil 4 for Gamecube and Bloodrayne 2 for PS2!

DEC 26, 2005

Added 5 new cds to the collective. Children of Bodom - Are you Dead Yet?, Primal Fear - 7 Seals , Vision Divine - Stream of Consciousness , Anthrax - Anthrology: No Hit Wonders and I added the band Symphorce to the Bands S list with their new cd, Godspeed!!

I added 2 new cds to the gone but not forgotten page and did some cleaning up. Oh, and I expanded my Top 10 cds to Top 20 cds!!



NOVEMBER 08, 2005

Got 2 new BW&BK sample discs for the compilations page. I finally got a new video game for my Gamecube called Day of Reckoning 2. Also some REALLY big news!!!! My penpal in Japan sent me the new Helloween cd!!!! Thanks sooo much YUKI san!!!

October 1, 2005

Added the PS2 video game Godzilla: Save the Earth to the Games page.

Added the new Masterplan - Aeronautics Digi-pack! This version had the ONLY Masterplan B-Side I was missing! I also added the new Opeth album called Ghost Reveries!

Finally, I saved the best for last! I got the New Gamma Ray album called Majestic!!!!! It is the first edition digi-pack!

SEPT 16, 2005

I added the new Edguy single/EP called Superheroes! Also, I made a page 2 for the updates page. I had to because the list was getting so long. I replaced my rare Brainchild cd with the remaster! However, I am keeping the original.

Finally, some may notice me and my wife's Live Journal links on the home page. I do not update very often, but my wife, Des does update quite often. I am known as Draconis Thanos on Live Journal because Thanatos did not fit.

SEPTEMBER 04, 2005

Not much action but I did manage to get the new Arch Enemy cd from Target for 11.99!! I love seeing true metal in American stores!

As you may have noticed, I have added a link on the homepage called "Other Collections". This is a work in progress that I am in no hurry to finish. However, I will in time.

AUGUST 20, 2005

Some might think I am crazy but, I got rid of about 29 cds. I will put them up on ebay soon. I just did not listen to them anymore nor did I want to. They deserve good homes to be cranked in. Because money is so tight these days, I must stop buying cds with a "collector's" mentality. Instead, I must only purchase cds of bands I really love to listen to.

On the plus side, I did just add the new Nightwish cd sincgle called "Siren". I also added a new BW&BK sample disc to the compilation page.

JULY 31, 2005

My Pen-pal in Japan, Yuki, sent me the new Helloween single called Mrs God! It is a digi-pack and has an exclusive B-side and the video for Mrs God!! Thanks so much, Yuki San!!!!! Oh, and I also got the new Nile cd called Annihilation of the Wicked for my wife, Des!

JULY 09, 2005

Added the Gamecube video game "Metroid Prime" and the PS2 game "Burnout 3" to my video game collection. Added new BW&BK sample disc to the Compilation page. Also, I replaced my Megadeth cd "Rust in Peace" with the 24bit remastered edition!! I also bought the new Demons and Wizards, Dark Tranquillity and added Bloodbath(for my wife) to the Bands B page!And the best part....I just got the remasters for both the Seventh Angel cds!!! I am keeping my ultra rare originals though.

MAY 24, 2005

Not much has happened cause not much money has happened. However, I did manage to get the new best-of compilation from Edguy called "Hall of Flame".

I added a new BW&BK magazine sample disc to the compilation page on May 29, 2005

MAY 01, 2005

I got my greedy mits on the new Judas Priest album "Angel of Retrobution" digi-pack with DVD!!! I got it at the sale price even though the sale had ended! ;) Someone got in trouble. hee hee. I also got the new Sonata Arctica album "Reckoning Night". This is not the import version and I got one less b-side. :( That's ok, I will find it. I went broke getting; Graveworm - Nutopia (for my wife Des), Kamelot - The Black Halo, Brainstorm - Liquid monster and the single All those Words, Children of Bodom - Trashed, Lost and Strung Out and I got the new Strapping Young Lad - Alien!! Finally, I added 2 more BW&BK sample disc to the compilation page.

FEB 19, 2005

I completed my Video Game collection page and got rid of about 15 cds. I got some ebay sales going on and I am adding more. I added the band Blinded By Faith to the collective!

FEB 03, 2005

I finally got a few bucks to get 3 new cds. I got the new Grave Digger, new Masterplan single and the limited edition of Iron Savior's album Condition Red(I have been looking for this for 2 years)!!.

JAN 15, 2005

I just got my haul from Sentinel Steel!!! I just got the new Manticora, Silent Force and Elvenking!! I also got the digi-pack version of Rhapsody's new single with a DVD!! I forgot I had a Dokken cd and I added it to the collective. Finally, My good friend Mark sent me the Limb Music 2CD sampler called Louder than the Dragon!!! Thanks, Mark!!!

JAN 01, 2005

Well, another year gone by and it was a good one for my wife and I. Hope it was for all of you as well. Only got 1 cd to report. 3 Inches of Blood - Advance and Vanquish! 4 more cds are coming but shipping was delayed because of the holidays.

DEC 18,2004

Wow! What a lot uf updating I did. I added 5 new cds, 2 of which are new bands, to the collective. I added the bands Aina and Opus Atlantica. I also got; Nocturnal Rites - Shadowland, Nile - amongst the catacombs of nephren-ka (for my wife, Des) and Ayreon - the human equation! I also got rid of 8 more cds and put them on the Gone but not forgotten page. Lastly, I bought the digi-book edition of Skylark - Divine Gates pt.1 and so I got rid of the jewel case version. I got 4 more cds on the way!! Can't wait!!

NOV 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! However, I regret to say I am not adding any cds to this update. It is just the oposite. I have parted ways with 6 cds and I added them to the Gone but Not forgotten page. Fear not! I have been saving $$$ and plan on buying new True metal soon!!

OCT 29, 2004

As you can see, I added a new page about my Video Game Collection. Like the Video/DVD page, it is still under construction. Also, I got some cds recently! I got the new Sonata Arctica Single called "Don't Say A Word". Along with the new Rhapsody LP and single!! Also, I added the bands Godiva and Pagan's Mind to the collective!

OCT' 10, 2004

Picked up the new Cradle of Filth cd and the new Live Kind Diamond double discs!

SEP' 12, 2004

Wow, money has been tight for a long time but thanks to my awesome pen-pal Yuki, in Japan, I got Dragonforce - Sonic Firestrorm and Nightwish - Once!! Both of which are the Japanese editions with extra tracks! Arigato Yuki san!!!!! However, I did manage to buy the new issue of BW&BK magazine to get the new sample disc. I also bought the new Borknagar called Epic!