JULY 24, 2004

Just added the band Wizard to the collective!

JULY 11, 2004

Some may notice I got rid of about 33 cds. I added them all to my Gone But Not Forgotten page. I just did not listen to them anymore and lost interest. However, I did buy the new release from Hammerfall's singer's side project, Cans.

JUNE 20, 2004

Wow! I got a great haul this week! I got 3 cds from The End Records; Edguy - Lavatory Love Machine single, Nightwish - Nemo single digi-pack and Therion - Serius B/Lemuria double album digi-pack! Also, I went to Virgin record store in Orlando again and got Persuader - Evolution Purgatory, Finntroll - Nattfodd, Tierra Santa - Sangre De Reyes and Heavenly - Dust to Dust! Last but not least, I added a new BW&BK magazine sample disc to the Compilations page. I should be writing more reviews soon. Later!

JUNE 11, 2004

I got married on June 4th!!!! On our honeymoon we went to Virgin Record store at Downtown Disney in Orlando! We found my 2 newest additions, Grave Digger - Rheingold and Graveworm - Engraved in Black(for my wife).

MAY 08, 2004

As you can see, I revamped the homepage to give it a little more life. Also, I added a Metal Video link as well. I will keep working on that one for a while. I have not decided if I want to scan the covers yet. I did add 5 cds to the collective today. I got the new Evergrey and the album "Jaktens Tid" by the band Fintroll. I also got the new Sirenia digi-pack and the last Zonata cd called "Buried Alive". Finally, I got the album "Projector" by Dark Tranquility.

APRIL 3, 2004

Just got Primal Fear's new album "Devil's Ground" along with a new BWBK sample disc from the new issue. Added Magic Kingdom to the M page and got the new Edguy cd called "Hellfire Club".

MARCH 14, '04

I ordered the new Morifade called "Domi Nation". Money has been tight lately so that's why so few additions this past month.

FEB' 8, '04

I came across the new Edguy single "King of Fools"!

FEBRUARY 1, 2004

3 new discs!! Got the new Rage cd called Soundchaser and the new Tad Morose called Modus Vivendi! Also, I added the band Draconian the the Bands D page with their new cd called Where Lovers Mourn.

JANUARY 17, 2004

I have had the new Iced Earth cd "The Glorious Burden" for about a week now, but I just now got it on my site.

JANUARY 10, 2004

Wow, it's been a long time since I got anything. I added the band Circle II Circle to the bands C page and I got the new album from Arch Enemy! Money is tight but things are ;looking up in the next month or so. I hope to plurge once again. I decided to include my 52 Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles sample discs in the Compilations section.

DECEMBER 12, 2003

I did some cleaning up of my collection and got rid of some cds I didn't listen to anymore. I ditched about 14 cds anf added them to my Gone But not Forgotten page. However, I did manage to add 4 new cds!! Stratovarius - Elements pt 2 / Falconer - The Sceptre of Deception / Iced Earth - the Reckoning single / Penumbra - Seclusion

OCTOBER 24, 2003

Hey, I'm on a roll!! I just got the new King Diamond album "Puppet Master" with a bonus dvd!!

OCTOBER 21, 2003

Hmm, it appears that things are on the rise. I just got the second Ian Parry Consortium Project album! Also, I just got the new Dimmu Borgir called Death Cult Armageddon!

OCTOBER 16, 2003

Eek, only 2 cds for almost a month. I came accross Skylark's Divine Gates pt1, and Covenant's reissue of their debute album In The Times Before the Light(for my wife, Des).

SEPTEMBER 20, 2003

Man, it has been a long time since I got anything new. Money is tight. However, I managed to find these cds at a used store! I got the new In Flames single "Trigger" and the band Zanister is added to the Z page as well as the band Heidenreich to the H page!

On top of those, my awesome Japanese pen-pal sent me these 3 jems from Japan; Dreamtale - Ocean's Heart, Gamma Ray - Skeletons in the Closet and Rob Rock's Eyes of Eternity!!!!! Thank you soooooo much Yuki san!!!!!!!

AUGUST 26, 2003

Finally!! I got the rare Gamma Ray single called "Heaven or Hell"!

AUGUST 14, 2003

Got the rare Helloween single "Number One" off Ebay!!

AUGUST 01, 2003

Well, I managed to scrape together a little cash and got 4 new cds! I got the new Kalmah, Edguy and Secret Sphere. Also, I added Devin Townsend to the Bands "T" list with his solo album Physicist.

JULY 27, 2003

Have not had much money lately, so I have been doing reviews and making backgrounds. I made some cool backgrounds for Blind Guardian Stratovarius Therion Children of Bodom and Dio. My money situation will be better in a few weeks and I can get buying again. Just check my want list if you want to trade.

JULY 10, 2003

Another nice haul this week! I obtained the new Brainstorm cd called "Soul Temptation" and the new Cage called "Darker Than Black". Also, I found the Iron Maiden Tribute cd called "A Tribute to the Beast". I also added some reviews to my Stratovarius , Virtuocity, Trytan, Brainstorm, Veni Domine and Valley's Eve collection pages!

JUNE 30, 2003

Man, I have been busy lately. I just added the band Mystic Prophecy. Just added "Broken" single from Sonata Arctica. Also, just got the New Blind Guardian single called, "The Bard's Song".

JUNE 27, 2003

Added 2 new bands! Siegfried and Broken Arrow!

JUNE 23, 2003

Got the new Opeth cd called "Damnation"!! A new haul is in the mail as I type this!

JUNE 9, 2003

I got the rare and elusive single from Edguy called "Painting on the Wall". It had an exclusive b-side I was looking for.


JUNE 4, 2003

I got the new Cydonia called "The Dark Flower".

JUNE 1, 2003

Just discovered how cool Strapping Young Lad / Devin Townsend is! Just got the new cd called SYL.

MAY 23, 2003

Wow, a lot of updates today! I had to move the site because a hacker got into my other account! My fiance Des is letting me use this space and that is why the odd URL.

I got the new Queensryche remaster of Operation Mindcrime.

My awesome Japanese Penpal Yuki sent me the new Helloween cd!!! Called Rabbit Don't Come Easy. She got me the Japanese version so it has the exclusive bonus track "Fast as a Shark". Thanks Yuki San!!!

Also, I added the obscure Christian band Ethereal Scouge's cd called Judgment and Restoration.

MAY 16, 2003

I found the Sonata Arctica single Wolf and Raven, off Ebay!

MAY 9, 2003

Added 3 new cds! Soilwork's - Figure Number Five, Sonata Arctica's - Winterheart's Guild and Steel Attack's - Predator of the Empire

APRIL 25, 2003

Added the band Graveworm to the G's page. New cds added: To Die For - Jaded, Children of Bodom - Hate Crew Deathroll and Kovenant - SETI.

APRIL 20, 2003

I came accross the new Dream Evil called "Evilized".

APRIL 18, 2003

I just got the new Helloween single "Just a Little Sign"!! My friend Yuki, In Japan sent it to me!

APRIL 6, 2003

Added the new Evergrey cd "Recreation Day". I replaced my Candlemass "Tales of Creation" cd with the 2cd remaster. New reviews on Ayreon , Blacksmith , Blind Guardian , Destiny's End

MARCH 27, 2003

Just got Burning Point's new cd called "Feeding the Flames"! Also I added the new Ring of Fire/Mark Boals cd called "Dreamtower"!

MARCH 18, 2003

Added new cd to Cradle of Filth called "Damnation and a Day". I also put up Kichael Kiske's new solo project called Supared. Symphonic Power Metal band, Holy Knights added as well.

MARCH 15, 2003

Bands; Gallowglass, Centaur and IanParry's Consortium project have been added. New cd of Nostradameus added. Also I put my Ebay sales link on Home Page. Links now work on Links page.

JANUARY 9, 2003

New reviews for Avantasia.